9.00 am To 9:30 am
Welcome & Introduction
  • Overview of SCALExM.ai
  • Brief of the day's agenda
  • Intro to ChatGPT and various AI tools
9.30 am To 11.00 am
AI in HR
  • AI in Requisition To Hire Cycle
  • Hands-on Demo
  • Discuss various Automation Opportunities
11.00 am To 11.15 am
Coffee Break
  • AI talks over coffee
11.15 am To 12:30 pm
AI in Sales
  • AI in Lead to conversion Cycle
  • Hands-on demos
  • Discuss various Automation Opportunities
12.30 pm To 1.30 pm
Lunch Break
  • AI Talks Over Lunch
1.30 pm To 3.00 pm
AI in Finance
  • AI in Various Finance Roles
  • Reports and Data Analysis using AI
  • Hands-on Demos
  • Discuss various Automation Opportunities
3.00 pm To 3.15 pm
Coffee Break
  • AI talks over coffee
3.15 pm To 4.30 pm
AI in Marketing
  • AI in Campaign to Lead Cycle
  • Demo of AI Image Generator-Mid journey
  • Hands-On Demos
  • Discuss various Automation Opportunities
4.30 pm To 5.30 pm
General Q&A
  • Q&A on AI Topics Covered
  • Follow-up Items

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