Case Study : HR Automation In Medical Devices Company with ChatGPT+Zapier

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Case Study: HR Automation in Medical Devices Company with ChatGPT+Zapier


Our client is a leading medical devices company striving for streamlined operations. Facing HR inefficiencies, they seek modern AI and automation solutions to improve their onboarding and offboarding processes, ultimately aiming for operational excellence and enhanced employee experiences.

Business Problem:

  • Our client has been facing challenges in streamlining their employee onboarding and offboarding processes, which has led to delays and inefficiencies. The HR team found it cumbersome to manage the increasing volume of new hires and exits, especially with the growing scale of operations. There was a need for a centralized, automated system to manage these processes efficiently.


The company decided to leverage the power of AI and automation to address this challenge. They integrated ChatGPT for handling initial employee inquiries and providing instant responses to common questions. Additionally, they utilized Zapier to create automated workflows between their HR platforms, BambooHR and Workable. These workflows automated tasks such as creating new employee profiles, updating candidate stages, and notifying relevant teams about new hires or exits. Moreover, they employed Generative AI to customize onboarding training materials for different roles, making the onboarding process more personalized and effective.


As a result, our client witnessed a significant reduction in the time spent on administrative HR tasks, freeing up the HR team to focus on more strategic initiatives. The automation also enhanced the new hire experience by expediting the onboarding process and ensuring timely communication. The solutions also ensured that the offboarding process was smooth and compliant with organizational policies.

Technology Used:

  • ChatGPT for AI-driven communication.
  • Zapier for workflow automation between HR platforms.
  • BambooHR and Workable for HR management.
  • Generative AI for personalized training material creation.
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